Last Days

5 friends go on a long awaited vacation but it turns out to be a vacation that they never could have imagined.

Film Credits


Terrill Johnson

Terrill Johnson was born to create. Born and raised in Philadelphia Terrill turned to film to express himself in a positive way. Using film, whether acting or directing, Terrill was able to create a creative outlet that allowed him to stay out of trouble. Terrill aspires to be one of the best to do it


Terrill Johnson - Writer
Terrill Johnson - Producer

Key Cast

Donta Jenkins - "Mike"
Tyrell Johnson - "Sam"
Terrill Johnson - "Chris"
Quintrell Farris - "Joe"
Anthony Kyles - "Tony"
Van Griffin - "Intercom"


Genré: Horror, suspense
Runtime: 12 minutes 40 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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