Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Two middle-aged quirky singles are at the same restaurant waiting, fretting, getting anxious to meet the other one they connected with on OK-cupid with a 90+ compatibility rating. Twenty minutes later, they can’t stand it anymore and text to see who has the better table. After his sip of liquid courage and a slip on split beer and her last swipe of lipstick, they meet. His compliment and her lack of conversation leads them to “laying all the cards on the table.” They go back and forth with his wants, her needs, their compatibilities, leading to a kiss until he declares, “I talk to my mother every day.” Among all of the outrageous revelations of themselves this is the deal breaker. His phone rings.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not film poster

Film Credits


Bret Koehler

A career "ad guy," Bret started out as a copywriter on brands like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Gardetto's Snack Mix, Breathe Right, Toro, Betty Crocker and Domino's Pizza. After producing dozens of spots on the agency side, he switched to production full time as a commercial director and producer. Along with his commercial clients, Bret produced New Music Director, a long-running interview series for the major music labels and directed the first two seasons of Celebrity Taste Makers, a two-time Emmy nominee show.


Ellen C Burr - Writer
Double L Productions - Producer
Ellen C Burr - Producer
Bret Koehler - Producer
Giovanni Mocibob - Producer
Elias Serpa - Music Composition

Key Cast

Giovanni Mocibob - "Adam"
Allison Norris-Austin - "Rachel"


Genré: RomCom
Runtime: 7 minutes 11 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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