Escape the pain of fully living or “seize the day,” courageously feeling all of life? A grieving widow’s prescription to get through loss could cost her everything. How far will she go with a lot to lose to alleviate the pain? Will living NUMB get her through? Getting through at any cost can cost everything.
Lola can’t get past the loss of her beloved Martin. At the risk of losing everything else – from her medical practice to her two young daughters – she continues to grieve. When, in her mind, everything is seemingly lost without him, all that’s left for her to do is to go NUMB as life passes her by.

Film Credits


Carlos Moreno Jr

CARLOS MORENO JR is an accomplished actor with over 80 film and television credits, including the t.v. series ER, DEXTER, MAJOR CRIMES, DIFFICULT PEOPLE, HUGE IN FRANCE, and the feature films TRANSFORMERS, DELTA FARCE, FRANK AND LOLA, HAPPY FEET II and the Oscar-winning film, COCO.


Luella Hill Kim - Writer
Chong U Kim - Writer
Carlos Moreno Jr - Writer
Chong U Kim - Producer
Luella Hill Kim - Producer
Carlos Moreno Jr - Producer

Key Cast

Luella Hill - "Lola Enochs"
Manuel Schwarz - Dr. Jerry Schwartz - "Dr. Jerry"
Bernardo Verdugo - "Romeo"
April Lang - "Mrs. Yates"
Joseph Miller - "Mr. Yates "
Bambadjan Bamba - "Martin"
Nell Teare - "Ms. Andereson"
Thomas Edward Connolly - "Homeless Verteran"
Gloria Sandoval - "Chair Woman with dog"
Megan Henry - "Pretty Model"
Chong U. Kim - "Dr. Peter"
Mary Jo Anderson - "Nina"
Russell Mills - "Delivery Man"
Scarlet Kim - "Kayda"
Alexis Kim - "Melody"
Elizzabeth D. Prado - "Juliet"
Laura Lance - "Jerry's Wife"
Carlos Moreno Jr - "Jogger"


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 19 minutes 30 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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