When a man attempts to a spike a young woman’s drink, he’ll discover the pain of playing with another person’s life.

Film Credits


Maura Garnett

An NJ native who followed her passion for filmmaking and moved to NYC. A current student at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. A writer, director, and editor who has created 8 short films while attending SVA.

Maura frequently does freelance work, collaborating alongside artists Pat Oleszko and Paul Rabinowitz. Documenting P.Oleszko throughout her performance protest “Row v Wade Parade: Be/Where the Writhing Waters!”(2021) in Battery Park. As well, as adapting P.Rabionwitz’s poem “Speeding Ticket” (2021) into a visual performance piece.

She worked alongside rapper, Kidd Apollo, creating his music video “Vogue” (2020) and a documentary “Kidd Apollo” (2020). Since then she directing “Don’t Look” (2021) a short drama about a night go wrong on the subway. Her film “Ground Control” (2021) is an improvised rendition of a scene from Wes Anderson’s “The Royal Tenenbaums” paired alongside a David Bowie track.

As well, she assistant directed “Der Liebestraum” (2022) and “Boredom” (2021) both written/directed by Lily Comerfield. Additionally, Maura 2nd AD “Roundabout” (2022) directed by Emily Casey.

Most recently, she has just wrapped her film “Playtime” which she wrote back in October 2021. The film comments on date rape culture and sexual assault. “Playtime” is scheduled to release on June 3rd 2022.


Maura Garnett - Writer
Lily Comerfield - Producer

Key Cast

Sarah Helbringer
Warren Manegan
Victoria Joliddie
Sean Carlo Martini


Genré: Drama, Romance, Thriller
Runtime: 6 minutes 8 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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