A man in white takes a drive in the night, thinking about happy memories, only to forget he’s driving, hitting and killing someone. This causes the man to suffer a surrounding inner and outer turmoil that follows him in the dark and light, in the form of a deadly cycle that repeats itself, over and over again. He can’t seem to escape, but will do anything to try… no matter the cost.

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Film Credits


Kerrod Nolan

Originally from Bathurst, New South Wales, 21 year old Sydney based artist Kerrod Nolan is a young and new filmmaker (writer, director, editor, and producer) who has recently emerged after graduating film studies at Academy of Film, Theatre and Television. He ranges his work from abstract, internet satirical short comedies to now also neo-noir thrillers, hoping to reach his projects to a wider audience, in order to create an unforgettable experience for all viewers alike.


Kerrod Nolan - Writer
Kerrod Nolan - Producer
Hayden Besly - Director of Photography
Racoya Masri - Assistant Producer
Kerrod Nolan - Editor
Kerrod Nolan - Composer
Musashi Wakaki - Camera and Lighting Department
Braiden Toko - Camera and Lighting Department
Lily Taufiq-Bailey - Camera and Lighting Department
Bardia Moradbakhsh Kermani - First Assistant Director
Sam Mayer - Sound Department
Bardia Moradbakhsh Kermani - Sound Department
Darien Law - Sound Department
James Mann - Stand In/Body Double
Mannon Davies - Stand In/Body Double
Sinead Campion - Continuity
Gareth Bryan - Makeup Artist
Stephen Hope - Sound Mixer
Bruce Koussaba - Production Designer

Key Cast

Rhys Peters - "The Man"
Tamara Lee Bailey - "The Woman"


Genré: Neo-noir, Thriller, Psycho-thriller
Runtime: 12 minutes 1 second
Country of Origin: Australia

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