The Warziniek's File

Paul Warziniek – citizen 4.815.162.342 – is living a happy life. One day, he receives a parking ticket. The only problem is : he doesn’t own a car. Paul then decides to go to the Prefecture to settle what seems to be a simple administrative formality.

The Warziniek's File film poster

Film Credits


Pierre J. Secondi


Pierre J. Secondi - Writer
Maxime J. Richard - Writer
Julien Vicaire - Producer
Pierre J. Secondi - Producer

Key Cast

Julien Pestel - "Paul Warziniek"
Benoit Gourley - "The Prefect"
Benoit Blanc - "Lucien"
Jerome Lenotre - "Joseph"
Lionel Laget - "Romaric"
Chantal Baroin - "Ariane"
Marion Creusvaux - "Liliane"
Matthias Girbig - "Robert"


Genré: Dark Comedy, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 18 minutes 40 seconds
Country of Origin: France

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