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Film Type: Short
Genres: Drama
Runtime: 3 minutes

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The bride is the new mother, is the beginning of a new cycle of life

Director Biography

Bachelor of Arts, graduated from the Bachelor of Film Department of Beijing Film Academy.

Director’s work: “Just Meet You”, “Men and Men”, “New Year’s Eve”, “Vientiane Spring”, “Unmarried Mother”, “Singer”, “Planting Love”, “Making Dish for Love”, “Unconsciously Love You” . Filmed the first domestic 260-episode networked drama “Goddess’ Office”. Cantonese and Mandarin were broadcast on Guangxi TV, Hong Kong TV and PPTV.

The venture capital project of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival in “First Love Begins at 40”. The short film “New Year’s Eve” was screened at the 21st Barcelona International Short Film Festival Science Fiction Film, the first banana project, and the second Silk Road Light and Shadow International Micro Video Film Exhibition Excellence Award. “Men Men” Global 48 Hour Film Festival Project.

Member of the 4th Young Master Screenwriter of China Film Foundation Wu Tianming Youth Film Special Fund. Novel: “Potential”


Director/Writer – xinwenzhang

Producer – chengjunXu

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