Lock Down

Lock Down

Lock Down

Lock Down

Film Type: Short Film
Genres: Drama
Runtime: 2 minutes 45 seconds

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Screening Starts 30.09.2020.

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Three teens find themselves in the girls’ bathroom during a lock down in school. Each respond emotionally differently. All are affected.

Director Biography
Psychologist in private practice in New Jersey for over 30 years. Specialties are Positive Psychology and Women’s Issues. Became a Filmmaker two years ago after also becoming an author and playwright. Film making was the natural progression to continue to bring to the public important issues in development and self-esteem, anxiety and even depression that pertain to kids and teens. Coming of Age is one of the most important hurdles that we all face, filled with the issues of leaving childhood behind, the storm of the hormones and finding a place for oneself in society that is healthy, productive and fulfilling. In today’s world it is very stressful with the added pressures of bullies, drugs, over stressed parents, school violence including shootings, etc. My films show resiliency and give hope but also clearly turn solution making back where it should be, on all of us.


Director/Writer – Barbara Holstein

Producer – Debbie Storz Higgins

Key Cast

Megan Brown – “The Girl”
Rachel Gesner – “The Bully”
Elena Cuesta – “Shy Girl”

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