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Film Type: Short
Genres: Suspense Thriller
Runtime: 7 minutes

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A detectives investigation threatens to unravel grievous memories from an already troubled past.

Delve in to the dark mind of veteran detective Josh McKinley following him on a journey of self discovery and answers he's unwilling to accept.

Director Biography

Growing up in Derbyshire, England director Ben Bloore became exposed to film at a very young age with the James Bond films being some of his first to watch and the writing soon followed.

With a third film under his belt Ben feels confident in going forward with future projects having a greater understanding of the film making process and undertaking a large scale project.

With more projects to come he has only just begun on what he hopes to be a lifelong and fulfilling career in film making.


Director/Writer/Producer - Ben Bloore

Key Cast

Mark Tunstall - “McKinley”
Phil Molloy - “Townsend”
Tina Harris - “Emma Fisher”
Steve Wood - “Craig Fisher”
Rory McGuinness - “James Fisher”
Indy Mae Cowley - “Sarah McKinley”

Voting for this film is over. Nominations from season 2 will be announced shortly.


  1. David Beard
    David Beard 18 October, 2020 10:30


  2. Brett Staniland
    Brett Staniland 18 October, 2020 18:01

    Everything is so well done!

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