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Bound By Spring

A distant father and daughter who make maple syrup find common ground on a stone that wields the power to transport them to a different world.

Bound By Spring film poster

Film Credits


Producer - Susan Kehl
Writer - Susan Kehl
Susan Kehl - Cinematographers
Matthew Henze - Asst. Cinematographers
Hunter Bardin - Asst. Cinematographers
Susan Kehl - Editing
Susan Kehl - Color Correction
Michael DeSantis - Sound
Ron Breton - Sound
Jen Morello - Gaffers
Hunter Bardin - Gaffers
Matthew Henze - Grips
Ron Breton - Grips
Jen Morello - Production Stills
Ron Breton - Production Stills
Heather Stein - Script Supervision
Jen Morello - Transportation
Michael DeSantis - Transportation
Bryan Kehl - Location Manager
Stephen Kent - Score

Key Cast

ina Mistric - “Catherine ”
Mick Keefe - “Cassius ”
Tina Mistric - “Mother In Field ”


Genré: Experimental, Magical Realism, Folk, Narrative, fantasy, Period Piece
Runtime: 18 minutes 14 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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