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For The Love

“For the love” is a short film about a 14- year old boy, Lyosha, who witnesses the verbal and physical abuse of his mother Nadia by his older brother Kazmiri. As the situation is about to escalate, Lyosha in the fear for his mother’s safety, comes up with a plan to stop Kazimir, which, however, just brings greater tragedy to the family.

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Film Credits


Lia Nabi

Lia Nabi makes her directorial debut with “For The Love.” Shot in Dublin (Ireland) during her final year in College, the film follows a young boy struggling to find a way to protect his mother. We as the audience live with him through his ordeal. Even though “For The Love” is a piece tackling the topic of domestic violence, more so it is questioning moral boundaries and our perception of what is right or wrong. And whether the end truly justifies the means. This movie falls into a series of different pieces by the director which deal with the idea of human sanity and how we as society damage people and make them to the monsters we are so scared of.


Lia Nabi - Writer
Lia Nabi - Producer
Branden Bailey - D.O.P.
Diego E Rodriguez - Editor
Fernando Chapa - Composer

Key Cast

Sean Cassidy Tyrrell
Dagmar Baar
Eoghain Francis Kiernan


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 12 minutes 31 seconds
Country of Origin: Ireland

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