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Model Citizen

Fates hang in the balance as a devoted father goes to the most important job interview of his life.

Model Citizen film poster

Film Credits


Justin Cooper Hankinson

Justin Cooper Hankinson grew up in Springfield, IL and moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Southern Illinois University with a film degree. After working on numerous film and television projects, Justin set out to make his first independent film "Model Citizen". His career goal is to produce compelling entertainment both in front of and behind the camera, much like his heroes Kevin Smith & George Lucas.


Producer - Justin Cooper Hankinson
Writer - Justin Cooper Hankinson
Editor - Justin Cooper Hankinson
Director of Photography - Chase Erickson

Key Cast

Roger Gutierrez
Nicci Bates
Amani Bates
Michael Geretz
Brian Eric Johnson


Genré: Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 15 minutes 48 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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