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‘MOM’ is a compelling short drama, following Denis, a 26-year-old graduate student at Moscow Medical University. He is a diligent and benevolent man, a volunteer at a local hospital during a pandemic. In a long-awaited call with his mother, who lives in Riga (Latvia), Denis assures her that the working conditions are safe and the staff is under control, but he knows that there is still cause for concern. After the chat, he receives results from the laboratory, informing that he has tested positive for the virus. Denis is broken, for a few seconds he turns into a helpless little boy, powerless against a pandemic, experiencing strong mental torment, despair and fear. A monologue in his head cries out for help to his mother, as he realizes that this may have been their last conversation.

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Film Credits


Polina Ami Kosele

Polina is a UK based director, writer and editor from Riga, Latvia, studying BA Filmmaking at the University of Leeds. Polina is known for the series of works originating from a performance “QUI SUMUS” directed by her at the 2018 Jurmala Art Fair & 2018 Riga Art Fair.


Polina Ami Kosele - Writer
Polina Viljun - Writer
Sam Donley - Sound Design
Polina Ami Kosele - Editing
Polina Ami Kosele - Cinematography

Key Cast

Vasiliy Butkevich - “Denis ”
Svetlana Ivannikova - “Mom”


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 8 minutes 26 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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