Papugi short film - Global Indie Film Fest


Having suffered the harsh brutality of life on the streets of London, a young, destitute Polish man is welcomed into a tent village of fellow homeless migrants, only to find their kindness and hospitality conceals a much more sinister and bizarre purpose.

Papugi film poster

Film Credits


Piers Culpan

Recently graduated from the Met Film School with an MA in Film and TV Production, with a burning passion for creating content for Short's, Features, and Series, I attempt to be as creative as the day is long. I'm a Writer of several well received Short Films, and Director of a few, with experience as DOP, Producer, and Art Designer to boot.


Piers Culpan - Writer
Chris Spargo - Producer
Piers Culpan - Producer
Doris Culpan - Producer

Key Cast

Danylo Myron - “Grzegorz”
Magdalena Jasiniak - “Psitta”
Sara Granato - “Acula”
Piers - “Kramer”


Genré: Horror, Gritty, Magical Realism, Social Realism
Runtime: 14 minutes 32 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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