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Three young adults drive by a fatal accident. They get out of their car, walk closer to the accident and take pictures, which they post on the internet. Incited by the reactions they get even closer to the accident to take even more spectacular images. What starts as a harmless game quickly turns into a voyeuristic act that ends up in hindering the emergency workers.

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Film Credits


Elena Walter

Elena Isabel Walter, born: 08.08.1992 in Mettingen (Germany), graduated B.A. Design Media Communication & M.A. Film at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund. In 2016 she founded the film production company Blickfänger GbR together with Emanuel Zander-Fusillo and was a scholarship holder at the Mediengründerzentrum NRW.


Emanuel Zander-Fusillo - Director of Photography
Emanuel Zander-Fusillo - Writer
Elena Walter - Writer
Blickfänger - Production Company
Elena Walter - Producer
Emanuel Zander-Fusillo - Producer
Emanuel Zander-Fusillo - Editor
Elena Walter - Editor
Jan Thierhoff - Production manager
Tobias Bieseke - Production coordinator
Júlia Kühne Escolà - 1st assistant director
Felix Christ - First assistant camera
Philip Hallay - Chief lighting technician
Stina Koch - Best boy
Lennart Boecker - Best boy
Bal-Aton Bori - Production sound mixer
Céline Ahlbrecht - Set decorator
Benny Fusillo - Set decorator
Deborah Dixkens - Set dresser
Insa Meyer - Set dresser
Marita Allrutz - Make-up Artist
PAUL - Music

Key Cast

A Leon Hoge - “Jan”
Alice Zikeli - “Mara”
Bennjamin Werner - “Michael”
Thomas Pösse - “Firefighter”



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