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Strawberry Asphalt

A divorced father attempts to lie to his young son to keep his affections, but learns that a hard truth can be better than an easy lie.

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Film Credits


Elena Schwam, Ori Manahan

Elena Schwam is a graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University, with a degree in film studies and a minor in political science. She is assistant to the CEO of Myriad Pictures. She has previously interned for Marc Platt Productions, The Colony in NYC, documentarian Karen Whitehead, the International Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Emmys), screenwriter Loren-Paul Caplin, and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer. She studied abroad at FAMU Prague.


Danielle Stolz - Directory of Photography
Elena Schwam - Writer
Ori Manahan - Writer
Danielle Stolz - Writer
Pavel Trochta -Producer
Donika Zánová - Producer
Pavel Marek - Mentors
Marek Jicha - Mentors
Ondrej Belica - Technical Advisor
George Cremaschi - Sound Mixing
Lucia Kajánková - Script Development Adviser

Key Cast

Brendan Douglas - “Peter”
Philip MacGregor - “Matthew”
Bara Sousa - “Alice”


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 5 minutes 14 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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