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The Bounty Killers

Sci-fi comedy fan based story of a man trying to prove is innocence

The Bounty Killers film poster

Film Credits


Mark Simmons

I am writer and Director with a Passion for filming. I have editing and special effects on other projects. I love making films and I learn a lot about the industry working with others which drives my passion for film making
After making Plague UK, my 4 year project of The Bounty Killers is now off with the pilot and Epsiode 1.


Mark Simmons - Writer
Ravinder GIll - Writer
Mark Simmons - Producer
Robert PC Simmons - Producer

Key Cast

Ravinder Gill - “Leuitenant Colonel Milt Worno”
Zon Simmons - “Zon”
Lisa Tubb - “Strawberry Flower- Newsreader”
Lesley McCormack - “Daisy Chain - Reporter”
Justin Marosa - “President Singh Spangols”
Nigel Tubb - “Les the Camera Man”


Genré: Sci-Fi Comedy
Runtime: 12 minutes
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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