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The Leaving Room

While sitting comfortably in her living room, feet propped up on the coffee table, Star receives quite the shock. What ensues is a journey inward, accompanied by the faces and facets of her ego. This story is stylistically kitsch and told through dance for camera in five acts.

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Film Credits


Aly Rose

Aly Rose is a choreographer and artist from the United States who now is based in China. She leads a dance for camera series in Shanghai and is passionate about collaborating on dance projects with people from diverse backgrounds.

Her most recent work has been shown at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall, the Power Station of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art MoCA, the Long Museum, the Glass Museum, and TANK Shanghai.

Her current focus is bringing The ONE Show to fruition.


Aly Rose - Writer
Zhang Lin - Produce
Chen Chun - Producer
Aly Rose - Producer

Key Cast

Tao Siye - “Star”
Dong Lingyu - “Superego”
Qian Tingting - “Id”
Shirley Zhao - “Love”
Amelia Jin - “Fear”
Miki Bin - “Soul”


Genré: Dance on Film
Runtime: 14 minutes 15 seconds
Country of Origin: China

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