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While Rome Burns

Clint, a recovering alcoholic is challenged to live with himself, surviving alone in a Sydney that has been taken back by nature after being decimated by bush fires and nuclear meltdowns.

Features the song ‘Cowboy Dan’ by Modest Mouse.


While Rome Burns film poster

Film Credits


Menachem Spielman

Menachem Spielman is an Australian-American filmmaker living in Sydney. His love for classic cerebral Sci-F, atypical drama and 'simply getting films made' drives his work. Having pivoted from a career of community work in Singapore and commercial media freelance in the US, he moved back to his hometown of Sydney and now studies at AFTRS, where he is the Chair of the Student Representative Council.


Modest Mouse - Music
Menachem Spielman - Writer
Menachem Spielman -Producer
Daniel Watson - Producer
Mark Douglas Williams - Score

Key Cast

Menchy Kinstlinger - “Clint”
Nicholas McVay - “Dead Guy”


Genré: Sci-Fi
Runtime: 16 minutes 8 seconds
Country of Origin: Australia

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