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During Melbourne’s Stage 4 Covid-19 lockdown, housemates Colin and Rosie pass the time people-watching on their front lawn. Between games of ‘smash or pass’ and critiquing the outfits of passerby’s, the duo engage in candid conversations about Queer authenticity and the importance of community.
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Film Credits


Rosie Pavlovic, Colin Dunn

Colin Dunn and Rosie Pavlovic are filmmakers working in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia.

3057 is a semi biographical recount of our experience as housemates and friends during the first round of stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne. This script explores the importance of creating your own community. A place to be your authentic self; a cruicial necessity as social cirlces have been ripped away by restrictions. We try to represent the tounge in cheek queer humour we all use to cope in the face of adversity .


Rosie Pavlovic - Writer
Colin Dunn - Writer
Lucas McCarthy - Producer

Key Cast

Angela Fouhy - "Ange
Teya Godfrey, Riccaro Esposito - "Bi Couple"
Maria Canon - "Rosie's 'Girlfriend"


Genré: Comedy, Community, LGBT, Queer, Covid
Runtime: 10 minutes 20 seconds
Country of Origin: Austria

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