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A Dinner Guest

When Viktor, successful business cowboy, milennial and father father to be, gets lost in the forest during a survival weekend with his friends from the office, he is confronted by a mysterious guest who shines a whole new light on his past, present and future life.
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Film Credits


Thomas Brand

Thomas Brand started out as a light designer in theatre where he quickly added video and animation to his repertoire. Designing performances on location and working mainly interdisciplinary with both professionals or large groups of amateurs. Thomas soon started to become more interested in the medium of film and video and worked as a DOP on several short films with directors he met in theatre. In 2019 he decided he wanted to write and direct his own films and enrolled in filmschool to study directing for fiction. TafelGASTEN is his first film as a director and he now works on different projects that vary from theatre to film and everything in between often combining elements form both media.


Thomas Brand - Writer
Thomas Brand - Producer
Niels Lokhorst - Director of Photography
Laurens Witte - Gaffer
Wilco Alkema - Sound Design

Key Cast

Chanan Molenaar - “Viktor”
Sanne Schlette - “Thamar”
Raymond Thiry - “Man in the hut”


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 13 minutes 30 seconds
Country of Origin: Netherlands

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