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Best Case Scenario

A troubled spouse must try to find a way to explain the accidental disappearance of her unfaithful husband, Harry, to authorities.
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Film Credits


Luke Sutton

Luke Sutton is currently a student in an MFA Program for Producing. Best Case Scenario is his first project as a Producer, Director, and Writer. This project was not part of a student film project but a film that was completed while attending a university.


Luke Sutton - Writer
Luke Sutton - Producer

Key Cast

Luke Jason Sutton - "Detective Stone"
Emsley Clair Lewis - "Dana Fox"
Thom Booton - "Detective Gunn"
Jill Martin - "Therapist"
Dallas Sanders - "BFF"
KC Eke - "Protector"


Genré: Drama,
Runtime: 7 minutes 50 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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