Dr. Ivory von Tickle-The Perceptive Piano Teacher: The Octave Oracle

In this web series, passionate but clueless Dr. Ivory von Tickle teaches live, on-line piano lessons on YouTube. In this episode, her student, Chück, needs to find out where to breath in a Sondheim piece. Dr. Ivory, with her usual enthusiasm, demonstrates her joyous experience of being touched by the Oracle, Delphi, and how her life was changed as she teaches Chück with joy and confusion.
Dr. Ivory von Tickle film poster

Film Credits


Cynthia Shaw

First time director, Cynthia Shaw, takes her skills of writing, acting and playing the piano to create the character of Dr. Ivory von Tickle and the doctor's many online piano students. In addition to her NYC theatre and film performances, Cynthia has written and performed an award-winning solo show, Velvet Determination ~ a musical journey about wrong notes, hard knocks, and the keys to success.


Cynthia Shaw - Writer
Cynthia Shaw - Producer

Key Cast

Cynthia Shaw - "Dr. Ivory von Tickle"
Chip Prince - "Chück"


Genré: Instructional
Runtime: 5 minutes 1 second
Country of Origin: United States

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