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Everyday Onslaught

An experimental documentary bringing to the fore questions of happiness and finding your true self, Everyday Onslaught visualizes the Director’s own internal conflict as an LGBTI+ activist, torn between the need to stand up for the rights of her people, and the desire to fit in and live a quiet life.
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Film Credits


Kellyn Botha

Kellyn Botha is a trans woman, academic and human rights activist from South Africa. She works as a researcher and communications consultant for various LGBTIQ+ advocacy organisations, and completed her Master's in Film and Television at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her dissertation analysed the ways in which trans women are represented in "mainstream" cinema, and problematised existing academic discourse on the topic.


Kellyn Botha - Writer
Kellyn Botha - Producer
Rafael Ferrao - Director of Photography
Kirsten Poorter - Sound
Christian Botha - Lighting and Set Design

Key Cast

Kellyn Botha


Genré: LGBT, thriller, documentary, comedy
Runtime: 18 minutes 1 second
Country of Origin: South Africa

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