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After a birthday celebration, a millennial couple’s relationship comes into question when a debate is sparked on sexuality and social norms.
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Film Credits


Rebecca Ann Bentley

Rebecca Ann Bentley is an Australian queer award winning filmmaker. She grew up with a love for writing and sharing stories. She has worked on numerous projects including short films, feature films, commercials & web series.

As a strong believer in creating your own opportunities, it led her passion to write, direct, produce & edit her own projects, which she feels most at home doing.

Rebecca's short films, Forever, and Letting Go, have just finished touring through festivals and either were official selections, semi-finalist, finalists or won at them.

She is also almost finished filming her director debut feature film about violence against men, which is a topic she's extremely passionate about and looks forward to spreading the message and shedding light on men's mental health.


Rebecca Ann Bentley - Writer
Rebecca Ann Bentley - Producer
Andrew Lee - Director of Photography
Farley Roth - Sound Recordist
Grant Young - Sound Recordist
Caroline Grunewald - First Assistant Director
Stacey Louise - First Assistant Director
Rebecca Ann Bentley - Editor

Key Cast

Rebecca Ann Bentley - “Camila”
Kelly Ryan - “Shannon”
Alanah Parkin - “Lori”
Mark Adams - “Chris”


Genré: Sexual Assault
Runtime: 16 minutes 51 seconds
Country of Origin: Australia

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