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Iguana Death in the American Suburbs

Echo (Reiley Behrns) and Charley (Colt Hartman), two outcast teenagers in suburban New Jersey, bury their beloved pet iguana in a forest, only to come across a boy (Angus North) who went missing from their town years ago.
Iguana Death in the American Suburbs film poster

Film Credits


Nisa Neza - Writer
Camila Perez - Producer
Jessica Luya - Producer
Jason John Cicalese - Executive Producer
Xuezi Zhang - Director of Photography
Nisa Neza - Editor
Reid Hensen - Production Designer

Key Cast

Reiley Behrns - “Echo”
Colt Hartman - “Charley”
Jason John Cicalese - “Joe”
Angus North - “Richard”


Genré: Fantasy, Drama
Runtime: 8 minutes 5 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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