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Love Unseen

A story shown through the eyes of God as he fills a lonely office workers day with random acts of kindness. But there is one problem, in order for God to be seen the other person has to believe, and Callum, the subject of this story, drifted from faith a long time ago.
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Film Credits


Stacey Barnes

Whilst she is only just emerging into the industry, a lot can be said about Stacey Barnes and her creative flair. As a writer & director she cares much about films that matter. This is seen from her beginnings in her short film 'Lifeless' (2018) which shows the tragic tale of a society that has lost all value for humanity, right up to her most recent short 'Love Unseen' (2021), which provides hope for those whom may feel alone. She believes in filmmaking as a vessel for change, and hopes that her works will create a positive impact on the world in which we live.


Stacey Barnes - Writer
Jessica Chisnell - Producer
Jacob Shrimpton - Director of Photography
Luke Vermulm - Editor
Georgia Stedman - Production Designer

Key Cast

Mike Zarate - “God”
Dylan Stumer - “Callum”
Zachary Faichney - “Adrian”


Genré: Religious, Comedy
Runtime: 9 minutes 38 seconds
Country of Origin: Australia

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