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Mindflip - The Prequel

The Mindflip Prequel explores character backstories and the world of Mindflip, a feature length science fiction/horror film. The Prequel introduces Dr. Laurence Fine’s cut and paste brute force cybernetic methods . With his research on hold, Dr Fine feels scorned by Hardesty Biotech management and the scientific community. To vindicate his theories, he attempts to transfer the mind of a dog to a cat. The dark consequences of his experiment set the scene for the feature film.
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Film Credits


Ken Rowe

Ken Rowe is an award-winning independent filmmaker, screenwriter, photographer and educator. His work has been screened internationally and telecast on PBS, TLC and CINEMAX. Festival screenings include the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the European Media Art Festival, and the National Video Festival at American Film Institute.


Ken Rowe - Writer
Stephen Lestat - Writer
Ken Rowe - Producer

Key Cast

Stephen Lestat - “Dr. Laurence Fine”
Norman Newkirk - “Norman Baetz”
Robert Bergin - “Rex Ross”
Lynn Lowry - “Marilyn Hardesty”
Allison Standley - “Anna Graham”
Anna Clausen-Williams - “Myra Maines”


Genré: https://youtu.be/QTHcc1qNfnQ
Runtime: 13 minutes 41 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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