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A young dancer who suffers from the pressures of being on a new elite team turns into a case of Anorexia, she must find her strength and see that she is enough as she is.
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Film Credits


Jennifer James

Jennifer James is UK and US national originally growing up in Austin, Texas but now resides in London. She started acting at a young age with a passion for performing. Since graduating with a film and drama degree, Jennifer has set up her own production company and enjoys producing and screenwriting as well. Physique is her first short film under the company, but not her last.


Jennifer James - Writer
Adam Survay - Producer
Jennifer James - Producer

Key Cast

Jennifer James - "Bella "
Clare Gleave - "Lyra "
Charlotte Mounter - "Mother "


Genré: Dance, Drama
Runtime: 13 minutes 5 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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"Talking to Jennifer James "

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