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Picture This

Kate is a young woman struggling to come to terms with her parents’ recent, sudden deaths. Having taken over their quiet second-hand store, she comes across an old retro camera that offers her an escape from despair. Through the viewfinder, she is able to see and hear her late parents, smiling and encouraging her to join them. Desperate to be reunited with her loved ones, can she trust what the camera is showing her, or is she being deceived and lured into a trap?
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Film Credits


Imogen Mabin - Writer
Imogen Mabin - Producer

Key Cast

Imogen Mabin - "Kate"
Imogen Mabin - "Camera Voice"
Leigh Mabin - "David"
Ingrid Mabin - "Naomi"


Genré: Drama,
Runtime: 4 minutes 5 seconds
Country of Origin: Australia

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