To submit to this category you must be a student, and must provide school or college information: College name, address, contact number & head of course. If the project is accepted as a student entry they will have to provide evidence of student enrollment at time of completion.

We set up a student category so that the playing field is leveled. You don’t need to enter other areas. If the judges feel that the project has the quality expected of seasoned film makers it will automatically be entered into that category.

All entries will be assessed for the festival and for TV broadcast. Even if your film is not selected for the festival it may be aired on broadcast TV throughout the USA, reaching 50 million homes. If your film is suitable, our Broadcasting Company will contact you, and if you agree, they will air your film.

Films submitted in the Shorts category and the length is greater than 20 min, we will change the category and the Submitter will be required to pay the balance before consideration.

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