Tell Me When It’s Over

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Tell Me When It's Over – Great Aunt

Tell Me When It's Over

Tell Me When It's Over

Film Type: Music Video
Artist: Great Aunt
Runtime: 2 minutes 47 seconds

‘Tell Me When It’s Over’ by Melbourne-based alt-folk/Americana duo Great Aunt laments that people willingly congregate in times of great loss or tragedy, but are often absent in quieter, more intimate moments when they are most needed. It asks the question: could we do better for each other?

Over the strains of a joyous chorus of hand-claps, stomping boots, and dollar-bill-muted percussive guitar, lilt the mournful vocals of singer/songwriter Megan Bird, with backing vocals provided by multi-instrumentalist Chelsea Allen.

In the spirit of the song, ‘Tell Me When It’s Over’ was produced, recorded, and mixed entirely at home, by Great Aunt.

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