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The Eternal Dream

El Sueño Eterno

The Eternal Dream - El Sueño Eterno

The Eternal Dream - El Sueño Eterno

Film Type: Short
Genres: Film Noir, Drama, Psychological, Romantic
Runtime: 14 minutes 37 seconds

Carlos is a lonely and sad guy who lives obsessed with a movie: The Eternal Dream.

The movie is played on a loop on his TV and the characters in the movie have been taking a life of their own in Carlos' head, and somehow they now form part of his life.

He is in love with Carol, the leading actress, whose tragic end in the story haunts him.

In his obsession Carlos declares his love for Carol and proposes to save her, finding an alternative ending to her story, an ending where they can live together forever.


Director/Writer/Producer - Joaquín Tamargo

Director/Producer - Martha Clarke

Key Cast

Arturo De la Torre - "Carlos"
Paloma De Pablo - "Carol"
Norberto Rizzo - "Hombre Misterioso"

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