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The General's Bicycle

The General's Bicycle

The General's Bicycle

Film Type: Short
Genres: Drama
Runtime: 9 minutes 59 seconds

There is a Legend about Mexican Revolution. Some Generals were Nahuales with mystical powers. A little girl wants to meet the General, she has a bike which will change a nations history.

Director Biography

Fernando Veytia is an adventure sports entrepreneur and passionate about storytelling, writing, and films, that currently lives in Mexico City, Mexico.

He sometimes gets ideas for the characters in his films, from his own family history, his great grandfather actually was a General in Mexican Revolution.

His dream is to direct movies, if filmed in Mexico, Better! This is Fernando's Opera Prima.

Director Statement
The General's Bicycle comes from imagination and my passion for bicycles as a life changing machine. My father used to tell me stories about Nahuales, this mysterious part human part animal beings, he once told me that his grandfather who was a General in Mexico's Revolution may have been one. I can feel the magic all around us, and that is my inspiration to make movies.


Director/Producer - Fernando Veytia

Key Cast

Miranda Hern√°ndez
Manuel De La Vega
Angeles Rivero

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