The Nothing
by Master Control Project

THE NOTHING film poster

Film Credits


Arron Millikin

Originally from born and raised in QLD - Arron now works for in SYdney for one of the leading audio brands in the country.


Arron Millikin and Wesley von Grabill - Writer
Master control project - Producer




Genré: Music Video
Runtime: 5 minutes 37 seconds
Country of Origin: Australia

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The Nothing

The Nothing

The Nothing

Film Type: Short
Genres: Horror
11 minutes 27 seconds

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A woman wakes up to find she’s trapped, held captive by a mysterious figure. Only by recalling her memories can she hope to escape.

Director Biography

Alex Armando Torres is also a self taught photographer and film maker having taken classes at DC Photo Week, National Geographic and Jacob Burns Film Center. Currently, Alex is the founder of the 6th Borough Film Collective in Westchester County.


Director/Writer/Producer – Alex Armando Torres

Key Cast

Rebecca Nyahay – “Angelina Falls”
Carl James – “Police Officer / Figure”
Lisa Rodriguez – “Wife”
Sylas Roman – “Son”

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