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Volcano Girls

Volcano Girls

Volcano Girls

Film Type: Short
Horror, Dark Comedy
Runtime: 4 minutes 41 seconds

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Volcano Girls is a gripping, dark comedy commenting on the disassociation found in our humanity due to the reality social media impels us towards.

Director Biography

Carolyn Deskin is a Los Angeles filmmaker with a set of diverse influences ranging from dance, to journalism, to acting. Having grown up in the sticks outside of Houston,Texas, Carolyn is able to pull from a large scope of experiences, which gives her work a twisted, though grounded grit.

Her sense of humor was sparked by The Three Stooges and three older brothers (stooges, yes, but not in reference to the latter mentioned). Her humor morphed after the untimely death of her unprecedented dancing career due to a spinal fusion in her teens; the unfortunate fact of her dad’s death; oh, and of course the death of her failed marriage in her early 20s.


Director/Writer/Producer Carolyn Deskin

Key Cast

Carolyn Deskin – “Carrie”
Olivia Hope Talbott – “Olivia”

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