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Film Type: Feature
Genres: Action, Thriller
Runtime: 81 minutes 36 seconds

Frank Simmons, a substanderd assassin accidentally hits the wrong target. This blunder leads to a series of calamitous events resulting in one bloody climax.

Director Biography - Oliver Crawford Smith and Oliver Bailey are two of Australiai's finest young film makers. With a long list of awards both domestically and overseas they are well on their way. Acclaimed Australian editor Jill Billcock sights them as the future of Australian film. film festival awards include Trop fest, Flickerfest, London short Pole film festival, New York underground film festival, St. KIlda film festival, Adelaide Film festival, STUFF IT, Sunshine Short Film Festival and a citation from the LA Underground film festival.


Director / Writer / Producer - Oliver Crawford Smith

Director / Writer / Producer - Oliver Bailey

Writer - Tom Hughes

Producer - Nicholas Bailey

Producer - Melanie Lloyd

Producer - Caryn Nery

Key Cast

Luke Mawley - “Frank Simmons”

Nicholas Crawford Smith - “Big Bob”

Tom Hughes - “Nelson”

Dino Marnika - “Marvin”

Voting for this film is over. Nominations from season 1 will be announced shortly.

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