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All Of Our Shadows

In these times of uncertainty and anxiety, the film follows a day in the life of a young teenage boy as he faces his fears and concerns.

Can he confide in his school mates? Will they ignore him, mock him or help him?


All of Our Shadows film postrer

Film Credits


Ruth Beni, Daniel Greaves

Ruth Beni is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. Ruth co-founded Animage Films in 1997 with the artist and animator Richard Burdette. At Animage, Ruth has written and produced original TV programmes and films for national and international broadcasters including ITV and Channel 4.

Since 2007 Ruth’s work has focused mainly on a series of film campaigns tackling the many forms of violence against women.


Ruth Beni - Writer
Ruth Beni - Producer
Mr Daniel Greves - Director Animator
Nicolette Van Gendt - Animators
Andy Biddle - Animators
Simona Ciraolo - Character design
Jamie Payne - Music and Sound Design
Elian Gray - Music and Sound Design
Jon Dunleavy - Editor
Lorenzo Cenci de Bello - Editor
Simon Paul - Camera


Genré: Fiction
Runtime: 7 minutes 55 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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