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Ivet and Michuco

Ivet is a 6-year-old girl, so she thing is already very old, or so she thinks at least. Ivet is dreamy and has an extraordinary imagination. She is always inventing new worlds and characters. She has a cat – well, it’s stuffed puppet – and she calls her Michuco. Since she has no siblings, at home she always plays alone and fantasizes uncontrollably, causing complicated situations on more than one occasion.

Ivet and Michuco film poster

Film Credits


Juan Ignacio Meneu Oset

Ignacio Meneu Oset has a degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV, where he also obtained a Masters degree in Artistic Production. Since 2020, he is a PhD in Art: Production and research, with the thesis entitled Production design for 3D animation short films. Standardization of processes from own production. He has worked professionally in animation since 1981. Ignacio has worked in series produced by Hanna -Barbera, Cosgrove Hall Films, and Disney . He has participated in films for Amblin Entertainment and Dygra Films. He combines his profession with teaching animation in different schools. He is an associate professor in the department of drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV.


Producer - Juan Ignacio Meneu Oset
Writer - Juan Ignacio Meneu Oset


Genré: Comedy, children's
Runtime: 4 minutes 49 seconds
Country of Origin: Spain

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