The Last Step

A young soldier is walking through his memories, before the moment of death

The Last Step film poster

Film Credits


Stanislav Matveev


Rafael Toro Cortes - Producer
Rafael Toro Cortes - Animation
Stanislav Matveev - Animation
Lena Zyadeh - Animation
Rafael Toro Cortes - Modeling
Lena Zyadeh - Modeling
Luna Riedler - Modeling
Rafael Toro Cortes - Rigging
Lena Zyadeh - Texturing
Rafael Toro Cortes - Compositing
Rafael Toro Cortes - Lighting
Lena Zyadeh - Sound
Lena Zyadeh - Music Mix
Luna Riedler - Character Concept
Luna Riedler - 2D Artist Lead


Genré: Drama
Runtime: 3 minutes 50 seconds
Country of Origin: Austria

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