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Days Outside!

Days outside! – Tage draußen! – is a film about freedom, confidence, and healthy risk taking.

Throughout the story, the 40min documentary asks several questions: How do children, teenagers and their parents learn to deal with risks? How much space, solitude, and freedom do we all need to be able to learn on how to take on responsibilities?

The film shows that these days out are the ones that shape us, that teach us, that make us think and laugh, that make us cry, and that make us grow.


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Film Credits


Franz Walter

Franz Walter is a cinematographer, photographer, and designer from the northern foothills of the European Alps in Germany.

He founded his solo studio in 2008. And although he loves doing things on his own, nothing is ever alone. Over the years he has been building a network of sport, culture, technology, design that is as individual as it is beautifully intertwined.

His visual language and narratives bear the stamp of a surreal poetic beauty, subtle art direction and carefully framed compositions. His works have received numerous awards and international recognition with commissions ranging from editorial to advertising, from documentary to conceptual assignments.


Producer - Franz Walter
Writer - Franz Walter


Genré: Nature, education, youth, outdoor, sports
Runtime: 40 minutes
Country of Origin: Germany

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