Homeland Hero

Homeland Hero

Homeland Hero

Film Type: Documentary
Genres: Experimental
Runtime: 25 minutes 10 seconds

Homeland Hero, is a 25-minute documentary which highlights the experience of four women married to Post-911 combat veterans. The film reflects the happiness, commitment, separation, lost and conflict in these marriages as they combat the affects of war. The film is aimed at increasing the social awareness of this sacrificial service, timeless commitment, and heroic dedication imparted to the United States of America. It explores the stresses and difficulties they faced when married to one of this nation’s heroes. When these broken heroes return home from War these women become whatever they need to be to keep their family together. They find out they are raising children alone, sleeping without the comfort of their love one, trying to answer questions for family and friends all while uncertain themselves. They have to come to grips with hardship, responsibility, discrimination, relocation, and isolation.

Director Biography

Mr. Rahsaan D. Jones, Chief Operating Officer of FaceFront Media
Productions, was born in Harlem New York and reared on a small farm in Alabama. His parents Queen and Clinton Battle groomed him to be a positive influencer which lead to many leadership roles in academia, from high school SGA President to College SGA president. He thrives on helping people live and imagine the best human experience. He battled ADD/ADHD as a child and battles PTSD as an Adult but has continued to fight to be an example for those who struggle with psychological conditions. He believes in facing and conquering fears what ever they may be which helped him in his career as a Soldier, Police officer and now helps as he leads his own Media Production Company. He has a passion for film, a love of story, and an acute sense of visual perfection. As a Producer he brings together the best cast and crew to execute the director’s and client’s vision. As a Director he is best known for his encouragement and on-set morale building. He has Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Digital Media from The American Intercontinental University and a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree in Digital Cinema from National University . His dedication to excellence and detail ensures effective, efficient, creative production management. Being skilled as an Actor, Production Manager, Producer, Director of Photography, Scriptwriter, Editor, and now Director makes him a valuable asset to any film production.


Director/Writer/Producer – Rahsaan Jones
Producer – Anita Jones
Producer – Bikelson Polyniece

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