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I See You, episode 1.

Unfiltered Productions first full-length documentary offering is, I See You, episode 1. Looking at Covid 19 and Race. This is a series of work that puts the issues of race back in the hands of those who live it first-hand. Specifically focusing on the black community in the UK in this episode we explore the unique experience of a Worldwide pandemic that frequently ‘references’ people of color.
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Film Credits


Dez Mighty

Filmaker photographer and passionate about using creativity to make a difference. Ive directed and produced several films all dealing with challenges that we face in society.

I'm passionate about using my skills to create change and to look at issues and try to get to the truth, hence our company name Unfiltered.


Samuel Awosoga - Producer


Genré: Covid 19 and Race
Run Time: 29 minutes 57 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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