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It's Just Me

It’s Just Me is a portrait of Allie Cole, a black transgender woman who lives at the fault lines of America’s concerns about gender and race, just by being her authentic self. She negotiates the demands of sex work, activism, her complex relationship with her parents, and finding love. Allie Cole is a 26-year-old Black trans woman in Austin, Texas. After overcoming her childhood trauma and negotiating her own gender transition, she is inspired to further support the growing trans community. We witness firsthand her interest in helping trans women to feel safe, visible, and loved. Allie wants to create a non-profit called Allie’s Angels, and her hope is to offer social and emotional support to other trans women. Allie wants to learn the best ways to help by learning what other girls need and how to counsel them. Allie’s own experiences with being rejected for coming out to her family have left a scare. Now she dreams of offering resources, so other trans women don’t have to struggle alone.
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Film Credits


Jared Moossy

Jared is an award winning filmmaker, photographer and cinematographer. His work has been featured on HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Vice, National Geographic and in Time Magazine and Rolling Stone.


Jared Moossy & Allie Cole - Producer

Key Cast

Allie Cole


Genré: Documentary
Runtime: 18 minutes 34 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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