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The Songbirds guitar museum hosted the world’s largest collection of vintage guitars. Covid-19’s devastating blow to the music industry forced the museum to permanently close. This documentary film explores the final hours and cultural impact of this special collection.
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Film Credits


Dagan Beckett

Dagan Beckett is a video production professional with extensive experience in storytelling. Dagan's skills and passion for storytelling has taken him on many adventures around the U.S. Dagan and his two sons, West and William, live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He enjoys road trips, photography, theme parks and watching movies with the boys.


Dagan W. Beckett - Writer
David Davidson - Writer
Irv Berner - Writer
Irv Berner - Producer
David Davidson - Producer
Dagan W. Beckett - Producer

Key Cast

Johnny Smith
Irv Berner
David Davidson
Joe Bonamassa
Mike Dougher
Doyle Dykes


Genré: Music
Run Time: 51 minutes 58 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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