8 Bucks

“A hopeful homeless couple on the rise. A newly widowed man ready to fall. How much would it take to change their lives?”

This story is based on true events.

The film “8 Bucks” was brought to life through the collaboration of a talented team consisting of one African American male director and three African American female directors. The captivating story was crafted by an African American male, while the screenplay was skillfully penned by an African American female. Notably, the film showcases a rich tapestry of diversity, featuring actors from various backgrounds, including South Indian, Latino, Vietnamese, Polynesian, African American, White American, and Jamaican.

Moreover, “8 Bucks” delves into thought-provoking subjects, addressing themes such as Asperger’s syndrome, homelessness, LGBT+ experiences, and the profound impact of death on the lives of those left behind after a traumatic brain injury. The film aims to shed light on these important issues.

It’s worth mentioning that the music composer involved in the project finds himself in a unique circumstance, as he currently serves his country in Ukraine, contributing to its ongoing fight. This further highlights the international collaboration and dedication involved in the creation of “8 Bucks.”

8 Bucks film poster

Film Credits


Antonio Lowry Edward, Dr Serenity Alyanna Edward, Sophia L Ellis, Danyelle Cavaness-Weatherford

Antonio and Serenity Edward married in March 2001. Together, they have produced over 10 short films and worked on several features. Antonio Edward is a director, producer, and video editor. Dr. Serenity Edward is a writer, producer, and director.

Danyelle Cavaness-Weatherford and Sophia L. Ellis directed the two backstories in the film, giving each story a different feel inspired by the main story.


Dr. Serenity Alyanna Edward - Writer
Antonio Lowry Edward - Writer
Luvina Sabree - Producer
Sophia L Ellis - Producer
Kisha C.G. - Producer
Dr Kerry-Ann Zamore - Producer
Roland StewHype Stewart - Producer
Lakisha Herrera - Producer
Don Vallee - Producer
Adrienne Santaliz - Producer
Nguyen Stanton - Producer
Connor Adams - Producer

Key Cast

Roland StewHype Stewart - "William Robinson"
Ashante Hughes - "Sheila Robinson"
Tyler Valentine - "Young William Robinson"
Briahna Hughes - "Young Sheila Robinson"
Cameron King - "Melanie Dobbs"
Cameron Denzel Coleman - "Gregory Dobbs"
Brian Elder - "David"
Jerry Juliano - "Pete"
Theresa Mills - "Violet Winchester"
Andrea Littlefield - "Mrs. Francis"
MK McWhorter - "Kitty"
Nguyen Stanton - "Karen"
Lorelei Supapo - "Angela"
Brian Holder - "Keith"
Andrew John - "Charles"
Paisley Thomas - "Teen Sheila"


Genré: Based on true events
Runtime: 1 hour 59 minutes 56 seconds
Country of Origin: United States

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