In a mysterious turn of events, a young woman is abruptly exiled from her village, forced to embark on a fateful journey aboard a boat. The circumstances surrounding her banishment remain shrouded in ambiguity, and tragedy befalls her as the boat succumbs to the depths, claiming her life.

Six decades later, Nanna, the grandchild of the ill-fated woman, is on the cusp of graduating from a diving school. Unexpectedly, an aged sailor in Iceland reaches out to her, delivering a letter that carries a confessional tone. Intrigued by the contents of the letter, Nanna becomes determined to uncover the truth surrounding her grandmother’s demise.

With unwavering resolve, Nanna persuades her friends to join her on a transformative journey to Iceland. Their mission: to search for the remnants of the shipwreck and unravel the enigma that has haunted their family for generations. As they delve deeper into the secrets held by the icy waters, they find themselves on a path of self-discovery, untangling the threads of the past and unearthing a truth that will forever alter their perception of their family’s history.

Film Credits


Lydur Arnason

Lydur Arnason is born in 1962, an educated doctor. He is an experienced script writer and has directed several films in all categories, all based on his own stories or ideas.


Lydur Arnason - Writer / Producer
Iris Sveinsdottir - Producer

Key Cast

Sigridur Laretta Jonsdottir - "Nanna"
Anna Hafthorsdottir - "Aua"
Vikingur Kristjansson - "Gudjon Kratz"
Ingamaria Eyjolfsdottir - "Suzie"
Aevar Orn Johannsson - "Shelley"
Vagn Margeir Smelt - "Niclaus"
Gunnar Kristinsson - "Udo"


Genré: Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Ghost story
Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes 23 seconds
Country of Origin: Iceland

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