Life of 3

‘Life of 3’ is an enthralling suspense thriller that revolves around a group of aspiring young filmmakers.

Bharti, a talented student at a prestigious film academy, takes the directorial and production reins for a chilling horror film. However, an eerie phenomenon unfolds as viewers of her movie begin to experience haunting occurrences. As the enigmatic puzzle unravels, it ensnares the lives of everyone involved in inexplicable incidents. Soon, a crime ensnares the entire cast and crew, complicating their existence.

The latter half of the film delves into Bharti’s arduous journey as she confronts and battles the myriad challenges thrust upon her. Filled with suspense, ‘Life of 3’ transforms into a gripping crime investigation, weaving a captivating narrative that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.


Life of 3

Film Credits


Sashi Preetam Pratapgiri

Sashi Preetam is an Indian film composer, music director, singer-songwriter, musician, filmmaker and philanthropist. He rose to fame as a composer with the film Gulabi, which became one of the greatest musical hits of the Indian Telugu film industry. He has directed several documentaries, corporate films and a movie titled 'KIRKIT' in Hindi language.


Sashi Preetam Pratapgiri - Writer
Aishwarya Krishna Priya - Producer
Dushyant Rishi Reddy - Co-Producer
Anirudh Mantripragada - Editor
Vishwanathan Venkateswaran - Executive Producer

Key Cast

Snehal Kamat - "Bharti"
Santosh Anantharaman - "Saru"
Chinnikrishna Mahapatro - "Kamal Haas"


Genré: Horror, Thriller, Crime, Psychological
Runtime: 2 hours 22 minutes
Country of Origin: India

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