All-American Boy

When Sean returns home from college break for the summer, he makes the decision to confront his long time crush from high school only to be stuck in a web of blackmail and abuse.

All-American Boy film poster

Film Credits


Ian Liberatore

I grew up in the suburbs outside Philadelphia and have been into movies since before the age of 10. I first went to the Art institute of Pittsburgh for Digital Media Production before transferring to the Art Institute of Philadelphia and graduating with a bachelors degree. I took on a career as an EMT, putting my filmmaking on the back burner but have decided to live my dream and make the movies that truly mean something to me as well as a mass audience.


Ian Liberatore - Writer
Ian Liberatore - Producer

Key Cast

Christopher Brian - “Sean”
Gary Bowman - “James”
Ginger Fries - “Heather”
David A Velez - “Eric”
Shelby Hightower - “Molly”


Genres: Drama
Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes
Country of Origin: United States

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