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2.0 Lucy

Dr Michael O’Brien is a celebrated palaeoanthropologist.

But lately, his life has gone off track.

His relationship just tanked.

And his recently-published book has drawn ridicule from academics while being hailed by crazy conspiracy theorists.

With his party-animal sister Alyssa, and her latest boyfriend Dante, he retreats to a rural outback where he obsessively pursues the unorthodox research that led his colleagues to shun him.

Here, he makes a mind-blowing discovery that’ll rescue his career.

Trapped in isolation, four flawed characters grapple with their awesome responsibilities and the delusional idea that we humans are the master species.

2.0 LUCY film poster

Film Credits


Fenella Greenfield

As an indie filmmaker, Fenella Greenfield has written/directed two narrative shorts and one micro-budget, sci-fi feature, 2.0 Lucy (2021).

She’s written jokes for Weekending and Newsjack (BBC Radio) and screenplays for Doctors (BBC1’s daytime drama).

She’s had radio plays broadcast on LBC and won an IRDP award for her radio play Cuffee’s Reward about the Antiguan slave uprising of 1736.

She works as a freelance TV promo maker and is a founder member of Euroscript Ltd.


Fenella Greenfield - Writer
Robert Ferran - Producer
Bob Eckhard - Producer
Su Kent - Producer

Key Cast

Lois Chimimba - “Lucy”
Joe Eyre - “Michael”
Francesca Henry - “Alyssa”
Dan Parr - “Dante”


Genré: Sci-fi
Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes 28 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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